Please keep your foot elevated above your heart as much as possible for the first few weeks after your surgery.

Pre Hospital

  • If you have your own X-rays please take them to hospital
  • No food, drink or smoking for 6 hours prior to surgery (you may have sips of water up to 2 hours prior to surgery)
  • Even if having local anaesthetic we still ask you to fast
  • Notify The Clinic for Foot & Ankle Surgery if you have any cuts, abrasions or skin problems on the leg to be operated on.


  • Usual stay: Day Surgery
  • Supplied with post-operative shoe which is worn for 6 weeks. this shoe is designed to allow heel weight-bearing but reduces the weight across the operated forefoot
  • Weight-bear as able
  • Ensure you have a postoperative appointment on discharge.

What to Expect

  1. Swelling - This is to be expected. Minimise this by keeping your foot elevated above your heart
  2. Pain - You will receive a prescription for pain medication on discharge. Pain will be minimised by keeping your foot Elevated
  3. Bleeding - This always occurs. You may notice some oozing through the bandages. If this continues in large amounts please contact The Clinic for Foot & Ankle Surgery. Keeping your foot elevated will minimise the bleeding.

Post Operative care of your Foot

  1. Rest - Bed for the first two to three days with your foot Elevated above the level of the heart. The foot should be elevated on 3 to 4 pillows
  2. Mobilise only as necessary - Toilet and shower only. Do not put weight on the operated leg
  3. Ice - An iced filled plastic bag placed over the foot or resting the foot on the bag helps ease pain and swelling
  4. Pain medication - Take oral analgesia as prescribed when necessary
  5. Do not wet dressing
  6. Do not remove dressing.

Post Operative Appointments

7 - 14 Days

  • Dressing removed and changed
  • If necessary sutures are removed and ends trimmed
  • Bring a wide-fitting comfortable soft shoe to wear if able. If you are not able to wear this shoe continue to wear the post-operative shoe
  • Continue to elevate and rest leg as much as possible
  • From 2 weeks post-operatively, begin to gently move the toe joints to increase the range of motion. This should be performed gently for 3-5 minutes, three times each day. Physiotherapy supervision is sometimes arranged but usually unnecessary.

6 Weeks

  • Wound Review
  • Check range of movement in toe.

10 - 12 Weeks

  • Final Review


  • 3 months to be fair, 6 months to be good, 12 months to be right
  • 6 months for all swelling to cease.

Please understand that the post operative course varies with individuals and these are guidelines only.

If you develop a fever associated with an increase in pain and a discharge from the wound please call The Clinic for Foot & Ankle Surgery, also if you have any further questions.