Zoom Video Consultations

Zoom Video Consultations

One of the unexpected lessons of the Covid epidemic has been how easy, effective and convenient it is to conduct many patient consultations via secure video links such as Zoom.

No inconvenient travelling (an important consideration for many of my patients who have mobility problems). Appointments can often be made much sooner as they can be fitted in outside of the normal diary of scheduled clinics, or even outside of normal working hours. For overseas patients in particular, they have proved a great success.

  • Initial 30 minute video consultation £300 (£600 per hour pro rata).
  • Follow up appointments of 20 minutes £200

What do I need to arrange a video consultation?

To make a Zoom appointment, just contact us in the normal way by email or telephone. We will arrange a time and send you an email with all the required information.

For all private patient enquiries and appointments you can contact my secretary by telephone on 0203 195 2440.

Alternatively, you can email on rosenfeld@fortiusclinic.com

All correspondence should be addressed to me at: The Fortius Clinic, 17 Fitzhardinge Street, London, W1H 6EQ

If you are already familiar with using Facetime or Zoom, then you already know how simple it is. If not, you will need access to a mobile phone, iPad or a computer equipped with a camera and microphone.

You will also need to download the relevant Zoom App for your device.

Links to connect to a video consultation are sent by email or text message, so you will need access to either of these on the device used.

If you have any questions, we’ll do our level best to help out rosenfeld@fortiusclinic.com

Disclaimer: As a full examination is not possible by video link, all advice must be taken in this context, and no legal responsibility can be taken until an in-person examination is performed by a Consultant and recommended diagnostic tests undertaken.