Fortius Clinic

The Fortius Clinic

With Fortius looking after the entire treatment process, every patient gets the same level of world-class, personalised care.

At our convenient central London location, we have over 40 orthopaedic specialitsts, all leaders in their fields, working together to provide specialist, private care for orthopaedic complaints and sports injuries. Together we offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to help you recover quickly.

Our modern clinic provides not only world-class staff, but world-class equipment too. Our in-house imaging facilities include top-of-the-range MRI, ultrasound and X-Ray scanning equipment.

This means that we are able to assess all musculoskeletal conditions, develop rapid diagnoses and provide unified treatment plans under one roof and with the minimum of delay.

If you are a medical practitioner wishing to refer a patient to Mr Rosenfeld at the Fortius Clinic, you may contact his secretary directly or use the referral information on the Fortius website.

Fortius Clinic

Fortius Clinic London
17 Fitzhardinge Street